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Always a good time dining outdoors!
Always a good time dining outdoors!

The food scene is being taken over by gourmet food trucks, you could say it is a Food Truck Invasion. This is exactly what South Florida has decided to call it. Trucks with a variety of different cuisines lined up in a row, with the sweet and savory aromas flowing from each truck. It makes it very difficult to choose just one, so don’t! Try a few different trucks, and then next time try a few more.

If you haven’t tried the local food trucks in your area yet, go check them out. Here in Florida, we have many locations so click on the link for the closest one to you. In Buffalo, you have Larkin Square for Food Truck Tuesdays. If you are reading this in Jersey, you can find the local trucks here. If you live anywhere in between, a quick Google search will show you the closest food trucks to you. It can be a great family outing, date night, or group get together for all ages.

Jamie waiting for his food.
Jamie waiting for his food.

The one I tend to frequent is held every Tuesday night in Plantation from 5:30pm-9:30pm. I recommend showing up a little earlier to get a parking spot and even though there are usually at least 20 different trucks to choose from, there will always be a line. So come hungry and be ready to use some patience. It is worth it, I promise. If this is a family outing, or a larger gathering, I would bring chairs and a picnic blanket so you can all sit together. The seating is very limited otherwise and can often lead to standing and eating.

You can stick to the classics like barbecue, hamburgers, and taco trucks, or you can try something that transports your taste buds to far away lands. Okay, fine, Maine isn’t that far away, but this lobster roll, made by Mobstah Lobstah Food truck, made me feel like I was sitting in Portland on the water. Tons of lobster meat and just the right amount of acidity all piled on a buttery crusty roll? I don’t mind if I do.

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So after a little walking around to digest all of that delicious savory food you just had to try, it’s time for dessert! And the decision making process is still not over. Out of my group, I am definitely not the one with the sweet tooth, but Jamie has that title covered. One trip in particular, we decided to go with HipPops, a company that made gelato popsicles. Gluten-free deliousness on a stick! Very refreshing on a hot summer night.



Okay, are you hungry yet? What are you waiting for? Go find your nearest Food Trucks, and let me know what you decide to try in the comments.



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