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“I loved working together – watching his passion in the kitchen and the love he put into the dishes he created, is what hooked me to begin with.”

Nope, I am not a chef, but I do date one. Wow! I never thought I’d say that. I never understood the attraction to back of the house; you get dirty, sweaty, smelly, and have the most responsibility on your hands when it comes to guest satisfaction. I  love cooking at home, but would never want the weight of cooking for the entire restaurant.  Being ITB, the cooks, or chefs, were always the first ones to arrive and the last to leave. Also, I never wanted to date a colleague. Enter Chef James, who I refer to as Jamie. We met at work, which I was hesitant about, but others have had successful relationships in the workplace, so I figured we could as well. In my opinion, we were able to run the restaurant together; unfortunately sometimes, it all hinges on others’ opinions.

Although it was only for a few months, I loved working together–watching his passion in the kitchen and the love he put into the dishes he created, is what hooked me to begin with. We no longer work together, or for that same company, but I will never regret the time spent there because I met Jamie and I will be forever grateful.

My Chef <3

So the chef life. The long hours, the last minute schedule changes, never being able to take vacation during “season” (which normally runs from about September to May), always being critical when we go out to dinner (but we both have that in common now), and never having off on the weekend! Oh? Did I just define any position ITB? Yeah, pretty much. Being ITB in Florida, unless it is a REALLY special occasion, good luck getting any vacation time from September to May.

Dinner last night, roasted chicken with stewed black beans.

But dating a Chef does have its perks as well. We are always trying new restaurants, sharing multiple dishes, hitting up the local Food Truck Invasion nights. When we aren’t eating out, we are at home noshing on something he whipped up in our kitchen while watching one of our favorite food related shows. Right now we are in the middle of MasterChef on FOX. I am a sucker for anything Gordon Ramsay, so I love that he will be sitting right there next to me, however sometimes I could do without the commentary. Love you babe!



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