Delays, Missed Flights, and Crying Babies…OH MY!

Many of you know that I am spending a month in Italy, and those of you who are friends with me on various social media accounts know the ridiculousness I went through to get here. For those who don’t, here is what happened:

My friends Jess and Moses called me one day and said, “We are going to Italy and you are coming with us.” This was back in January before all of the tragedies happened in Europe, so I was definitely on board. A few months later, after having lost both my grandmothers, I decided I was not going to let anyone keep me from traveling or seeing the world. So I booked the ticket and waited (sometimes not so patiently) for July 25th to roll around. I would fly from Miami, connect in Madrid, and then arrive in Naples a few minutes before they did. It was planned perfectly!

I have never, and I mean NEVER, been packed and ready to go earlier than the night before a trip, but this time was different. Thanks to my patient and organized Step-Mother, I had everything set out and ready to go; and I even had time to go to work the morning of my flight to grab a coffee and tie up some loose ends.  I was flying out of Miami, so in order to make it easier on everyone, I decided to take the train from Boca, and I arrived early to get my ticket and wait for the train.


An hour or so later I was in Miami, four hours before my scheduled flight. Yes, I know, maybe a little excessive but have you traveled lately? How was the line at security? Well OF COURSE when I was super early for my flight, security was a breeze. Now if I had been late or even cut it closer, we all know how it would have gone.


So I get through security, grab a beer and a bite to eat (which was terrible, there was NO GOOD FOOD in my terminal and I should have eaten before going through security, but we live and learn) and settle into a very uncomfortable seat to work on my computer for the few hours I had to kill.

The beer was good at least! Rebel IPA for the win!


Time goes by and I notice that we are late, then we are later – and later. I don’t even stop to think that I wont make my connecting flight, because they hold connections usually, I know from being on a plane on the tarmac waiting for people whose connecting flights were late, and the flight attendant didn’t close the door until the last person stepped on the plane. So I board my flight, to my delight (about my only one) I had a row of two seats to myself.  I was lucky to not have to sit next to anyone on the six-hour flight, so I got comfy, and turned on a movie.

Just as I am about to fall asleep, the crying and screaming starts –  NOTE TO SELF: BUY NOISE CANCELLING HEADPHONES.

However I feel even with those,  I would have heard these children whose mother could not be bothered to tell them to be quiet. So I try to ignore them and continue my movie. Then the games start LOUD AS CAN BE with no headphones in sight. Part of me wanted to ask them to please be a little quieter as the WHOLE plane was trying to sleep, but I didn’t even know which language they spoke, and I really didn’t want to give them something else to whine about.

Then the delicious (ABSOLUTELY NOT) airplane meal came out, and it looked like one of those questionable hot school lunches that used to be served, with the “mystery meat” doused in gravy.



So a few hours later and I decide to pull out my phone and look at the time. We started our descent and I kept thinking – we are really late…they WILL hold the plane, they have to.

Well, they didn’t.

I got off the plane in Madrid, with no direction as to where to go. I waited in a long line since the gate was not listed on any board, and finally spoke to a representative, who told me if I ran really fast I may be able to catch the plane as it has not taken off yet. SERIOUSLY? To which I asked can you please radio them and tell them that I am on my way, and then motioned to the other people on my flight who were connecting to Naples as well, we are all trying to get to Naples!

She was absolutely no help. I ran, as fast as I could with a carry on and a tote bag, stopped at customs which thankfully did not have a line, and lo and behold, the plane was nowhere to be found.

Another round of speaking to useless Iberia customer service representatives, and I was gifted with a voucher for some sort of fast food and another plane ticket that would take off three hours later and connect in Rome where I would then wait another two hours and finally be on my way to Naples.

Then, those children were not the only ones crying. I was bawling my eyes out. This was my first solo trip to Europe, and I was hungry, cranky, and extremely tired; the fact that I was not being able to communicate as well as I had hoped made me a very aggravated traveler.

It was a good lesson in something I have been practicing lately, letting it go! I let it all go, I realized there was nothing I could do other than go on with my day and be thankful that I had made it to each destination safely, if not on time. I decided my trip could only get better from here on out. And after a tearful conversation with my Mama, I set my mind to what I would do when I got to my destination — and made a list.

Lists always have a way of making me feel better, even though sometimes I don’t follow through with them. ( I know, I know, I am working on that!)

What makes you feel better? Who makes you happy when you are so upset all you want to do is cry? Let me know in the comments.


Ristorante Sapori- A Boca Love Story


A love of food that is. Sapori quite literally means “flavor” when translated from Italian, and that is exactly what guests have enjoyed since 1993 from Chef Marco Pindo. Chef Marco is from the Abruzzi region of Italy and is known for using the freshest and highest quality ingredients prepared in the simplest of ways.


Sapori sets the bar high with its fresh seafood, homemade pasta, and innovative Italian cuisine. Chef Marco imports many of his ingredients directly from Italy to keep his dishes authentic and flavorful.

One thing I found extremely interesting, in a cuisine that is difficult to alter and accommodate for gluten-free patrons, is that they are able to offer homemade gluten free pasta, as well as gluten free bread sticks. When I asked about this, they were eager to provide me with the gluten-free penne, I declined, because I really wanted to taste the real deal, and I am only slightly intolerant, so I can choose when I would like to indulge!


In addition to Sapori’s delicious dinner menu, they are now offering a 3 course “Sapori Bites” menu for lunch Tuesday-Friday from 12pm-2pm at $29 dollars and a 4 course dinner menu Sunday-Thursday from 5:30-7pm at $49. I was recently invited to try out the menu, and you do not want to miss these deals.

For the lunch menu you get to choose from three delicious salads:


Arugula | Strawberry | Gorgonzola – Apple | Radicchio | Endive – Traditional Ceasar Salad

Or you can go with my choice, the Yellow Lentil Soup- so delicious!


Next you get to choose your entrée: Rigatoni Sapori | Seafood Risotto | Pasta del GiornoIMG_0902

Pesce del Giorno | Ora King Salmon | Chicken Arrosticini | Veal Pizzaiola

You then get to end the night on a sweet note, choosing between the Pistachio Tartufo & the Vanilla & Chocolate Tartufo.  I personally love Pistachio flavored anything, but the Vanilla & Chocolate was good also.


For the dinner menu, you get to choose from the same options, but you get to select both a pasta dish, and an entrée. There was not a single thing on the menu that I did not enjoy. And it was great practice for what I could expect while dining in Italy over the next month.

Ristorante Sapori is extremely proud of their glowing reviews over the years but some of their greatest accomplishments are the opionions of their valued guests. Chef Marco could not do it all on his own so his wife and co-owner Mara Pindo is by his side every step of the way. Together the two of them give back to the community around us as well as holding fundraisers and raising awareness to help the Cuban families in need. They have sent items to families all around Cuba, and have a long term goal of opening a restaurant in Havana to teach the local Cuban community how to hone in on their cooking skills, as well as how to source and use local ingredients.

Restaurants that have great food and are philanthropic are hard to come by, and I am so glad that I have found one in my community that shares their good fortune and uses it to help others.

If you would like to donate or learn more about their mission, please call 561-367-9779.

Ristorante Sapori | 301 Via de Palmas | Boca Raton | Florida | 33432 – Located in Royal Palm Plaza across from 4th Generation

Visit them on Facebook & Instagram for more up to date information and specials

Acai for Me!

Smoothies step aside, acai bowls are here to stay. Sure a smoothie is great, they are refreshing, quick, and easy. But with an acai bowl, you get the frozen acai sometimes blended with coconut water or almond milk, and all of the fresh juicy ingredients layered with granola. I don’t know about you, but I sure love a nice cold refreshing bowl of fruit on a hot summer day, and here in Florida, EVERY DAY is a hot summer day.

This past week my Mom was in town, and I always love to show her my new foodie spots, and she really enjoys trying them out as well. Nobody in my family ever turns down free food.



Our first stop was 3 Natives in Boca Raton. I have been hearing great things about them, and I knew it was a nice little air conditioned spot because I had stopped in earlier in the week to try it out. Now I didn’t get to eat my bowl right away because I brought it to work with me and put it in the fridge instead of freezer, but let me tell you, even melted and soupy, it was still tasty and hit the spot. 



On this day though, with my Mom, I got to experience it in all of it’s frozen goodness. I ordered the V.O.T with no kiwi and I added strawberries. The abbreviations stand for the Village of Tequesta where 3 Natives got its start. This beautifully constructed bowl had mangos, raspberries, granola, shredded coconut, and strawberries, with the frozen acai sorbet nestled down in the bottom.


When I tell you this stuff is better than ice cream and healthier, I am being serious. It is vegan, fresh, and customizable. They are almost too big to eat in one sitting, but I did say almost. My Mom and I both ate every last bite, and then decided we would be back with my Sister and her family.



 3 Natives also carries Nelly’s cold brew, cold-pressed juices, smoothies, and much more. Make sure you sign up for their rewards program through FiveStar when you are there so you can reap the benefits of discounts and $$$ off (since you will be going ALL of the time) 


Now, 3 Natives isn’t the only place to get this wonderful bowl. There is a cute little shop on South Federal Hwy. in Delray right before Linton called Surf Shack Subs & Smoothies. There is no air conditioned seating but that didn’t stop me from sitting and enjoying my meal on a 94 degree day. The décor is island style and they even have corn hole to play while you hang out. The island music playing sets the tone for a very relaxing experience. And, as a bonus, it is right in front of the pinball museum, so have a bite to eat and then go get your gaming on for a mere $2.00 for half an hour of play.




                                                               IMG_0749My Mom and Sister were still hooked on acai bowls, so they both ordered a different one so we could have something to try, but I was in the mood for one of their famous subs I have heard so much about.


After looking at the menu for a few minutes, I ordered a Roasted Chicken Banh Mi, which was to die for (for real though, my lips were ON FIRE). All of the flavors were there; the crunchy peanut sauce, the spicy srirachia, the crisp cucumber, and the pickled veggies all put together on a perfectly baked roll. As soon as I was finished, I regretted not ordering the large so I could have some for later.

The Shack is known for last minute deals on their Facebook page, so check them out and be sure to follow!


I cannot wait to go back to both places to try the other delicious items on their menus. What have you tried? Let me know in the comments.




3 Natives – 1200 Yamato Road Boca Raton, Fl 33431 561.717.8121
7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. Monday – Saturday
8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Sunday


Surf Shack Subs & Smoothies– 916 SE 5th Ave. Delray Beach, FL 33483 561.501.7868

8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Tuesday – Saturday

9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Sunday

(will stay open later for special occasions if asked)


Grind and Grape- A Vero Beach HotSpot


Whenever I travel I need to find good, strong coffee. It doesn’t matter how far I go, I know the first question I ask is “Where is the best coffee shop?” Starbucks just does not cut it for me anymore.

I was in Vero Beach with my family planning for my Sister’s wedding next year, and I asked her florist (Jenny from Vero Beach Florists) where I could have a great cup of coffee. She told us about Grind & Grape and it was a no brainer…COFFEE and WINE? Yes please!


Pulling up (right around the corner) to this trendy little spot, I immediately loved the décor and ambiance, and I hadn’t even gotten out of the car. From the street you could see lots of seating both inside and out, and a very inviting patio.

Walking through the door you could see a full bar situated straight back, with the gelato and coffee bar off to the left. All the way to the right a group of women were having a GNO. We immediately realized we picked the right place. We were greeted by Christina the bartender, and another friendly server, but her name escapes me.

IMG_0674They have a coffee menu, extensive wine list, seasonal draft and bottled beers, and tapas style food including a variety of charcuterie and flatbreads.


After driving for a while and running around all day, we opted for the French Press for 4 to start out, and boy were we glad we did. The coffee was so smooth and needed nothing to change the flavor or the strength, and at $10 it was a steal! Christina brought it right over to the table, said to let it sit for 5 minutes before pressing, and informed us this was the “interactive” part of their service. After the coffee, we were ready to nosh.

We ordered the chips and queso first and needed another round of chips to finish off the dip. It was a delicious, creamy white queso dip, and even when it cooled down was still tasty. The chips were organic gluten free corn chips from Old Florida Gourmet and had just the right amount of seasoning on them, if you wanted to enjoy them plain without the dip.IMG_0679


Flatbreads were our next choice – Samantha and I split one called the Roasted Goat with three of my favorite ingredients: Goat Cheese, Garlic, and Roasted Red Peppers…yummy! Eric and Mom decided on “The Favorite” which featured one of the only cheeses I just do not care for –  Bleu. The rest of the ingredients – Walnuts, Honey, and Balsamic Drizzle sounded great; sub in brie, and I would have had been ordering it.





We ordered Troy “The Verace” which was their plain flatbread pizza with San Marzano tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and fresh basil (which we had to take off because “Why is there green stuff?”) Although this is a wine and coffee bar, they seemed very family friendly and were extremely nice and patient with Troy, and it doesn’t hurt that he is one of the most well behaved 3-year-olds I know!



Selecting wine was easy with Christina’s help. We wanted to have a rosé, but nothing too sweet, so we chose the Charles Smith Vino which was crisp, clean, and refreshing for a hot summer day. Too hot for a red wine, but perfect for a rosé with a little effervescence.  Eric opted for a seasonal draft by the neighboring Ft. Peirce native Sailfish Brewing Company. Both were delicious and just what we needed to accompany our meals.


We finished the evening with cold and creamy gelato. Out of the four flavors they had available we decided to try the dark chocolate and the blood orange. The dark chocolate was decadent and sweet, while the blood orange was tart and tangy. Both hit the spot, and were a big hit with Troy as well!

We are all looking forward to coming back here next April when we will be in Vero Beach for the wedding. They have live music every evening, and also do brunch! Can’t wait to check out what else they have to offer.


Grind & Grape was opened a mere one and a half years ago and is already loved and frequented by locals and tourists alike. The family also owns the local Frosting Bakery in the area, and you can get baked goods right at Grind & Grape when available. As I was walking out I noticed their dessert menu, which features some delicious sweets and even the cake of the day that is sold by the slice.

The coffee, dessert, and wine bar opens at 7am daily for coffee, pastries, and juices, and then transitions to the evening atmosphere with the tapas style food and an inviting laid back atmosphere. Just a block from the beach, it’s a great place to stop before or after a day in the sun, and I can see it being a great date night or group night out spot.

I know if I lived in Vero Beach, it would definitely become my go-to spot. For more information about Grind & Grape visit their Facebook, Instagram,  or give them a call at 772-231-5536.



IMG_5439 (Mobile)

Hooray for Henry’s, another Rapoport Success

Disclosure: I was invited to dine as a guest of the restaurant. No monetary compensation has been received for this post. As always, all opinions are 100% my own. 


West Delray…a place people rarely venture if they live East of 95. In doing so, they are missing out on gems like Henry’s.  Created by legendary South Florida restaurateur Burt Rapoport in 2000, Henry’s has been a go-to dining destination for American comfort food for the past 15 years. Henry’s uses the best in-season products, select cuts of meats and poultry and the freshest seafood available. There is a large dining room, a beautiful bar, and a gorgeous patio for al fresco dining.

Executive Chef, Warren Lee, believes that the right approach to cooking is to do it the right way all the time- with flavors, appearance, and most importantly, consistency.  He is a real team player, and believes that if his staff is successful, he will be as well. This was proved true by the quality of the food we were served.

IMG_5499 (Mobile)

I asked the server for a drink recommendation and he told me to try the Key Lime Martini. Now I am not a huge fan of super sweet drinks, but he told me this was balanced between tart and sweet and that if I didn’t like it I could get something else. I am so glad that I took his advice. This martini was so good that it got passed around the table before I could take a second sip. Made with the in-house key lime curd, I may have found my new favorite cocktail in South Florida!

Continue reading “Hooray for Henry’s, another Rapoport Success”


Deck 84: Cruising with Cocktails

Disclosure: I was invited to dine as a guest of the restaurant. No monetary compensation has been received for this post. As always, all opinions are 100% my own. 

I was recently invited to dine at Deck 84 with my fellow bloggers, but this is by far the most memorable media/blogger dinner I have attended. We were all told that we had to be there right at 5:45 for a surprise. To my delight, the surprise was a cocktail cruise on the Intracoastal Waterway aboard the beautiful Mizner’s Dream.

548IMG_5049 IMG_5022

Side Note: If you are looking to charter a fun filled day or night out, consider chartering this boat. Friendly Captain and staff made the start of our night flawless.


Once aboard the boat we were greeted with the light and refreshing signature drink, Off the Dock. Pairing Deep Eddy Lemon Vodka with freshly muddled strawberries and mint, the cocktail went beautifully with our first dish of the night; Smoked Fish Dip. House smoked, and served with pickled vegetables. Beautiful in color, and delicious in taste! Definitely a favorite for this seafood fanatic!


Fun Fact: I used to hate smoked meats and fish, now, with my slightly more educated palate, I love the depth of flavor it brings to a dish. 

Okay, if you have been following my blog, you know by now that I absolutely LOVE crab cakes! This jumbo lump crab cake has made it to the top of my list. This crab cake was humongous and the char on the corn stood out immediately. Micro greens, chipotle remoulade, and an avocado salsa accompanied the crab cake.


Chef Jon Greening (follow him on Instagram: @Chef_JonnyG) definitely knows what he is doing. My first impression upon meeting the Executive Chef was that he was so personable! Great smile, happy to answer questions, and very social! I love Chefs that want to meet the people who enjoy their dishes. He obviously thought we looked hungry because by the end of the night I could hardly walk out of there!


Following crab cakes, another one of my go-to items on a menu. Mussels!! What is better than eating Mussels with a waterfront view? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!  I probably could have just had a bowl of the white wine, San Marzano tomato broth to dip the crusty baguette into, but I did eat a few of the mussels as well. Very nice size and cooked perfectly.



Comfort Food Alert!! The next two dishes are perfect for this cooler Florida nights that we have been experiencing.


First we had the Citrus-Glazed seasonal fish in a Thai-coconut curry broth with shrimp, vegetables, sticky rice, and micro greens. This is another dish where the broth was the star! It made me happy to eat it and I wish I could have finished it all, but I had to leave room for more.(I know, poor me!)


Next comfort dish- Slow-Braised Beef Short Rib. Roasted mirepoix, braised beet, Maytag blue mashed potatoes, and a cabernet demi-glace.  Since this was around Christmas time, (yes, I know its a late post-Holiday craziness and all) I dubbed this the “Christmas Dish” The pops of reds and greens really photographed beautifully.


When I think about burgers I do not normally think of veggies, but this one may make me a believer.  The texture was “meaty” and the taste was fantastic. The burger sat atop a whole wheat bun, (a little too much bread for me) with avocado, alfalfa sprouts, and a pesto mayo. All of the sandwiches are served with hand cut french fries or sweet potato fries. I am a sucker for sweet potato, and they compliment the veggie burger well. Unfortunately after looking through my pictures I realized that they didn’t do it justice so you will have to go and try one to see it.

We ended the night with their seasonal cobbler, which happened to be apple, topped with vanilla ice cream, as well as their decadent chocolate cake.


Deck 84 creates a wonderful dining experience from well executed food to servers who anticipate guests needs and are very friendly.

Learn more about Deck via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Deck 84 is located at 840 E. Atlantic Avenue. Delray Beach, Florida 33483

Make a reservation today.



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Dinner and a Movie? Bogart’s Bar and Grille


All images appearing in this post photographed by Megan a.k.a TheGypSeaFoodie

Is dinner and a movie your idea of a great night out? For Me and Jamie, it is. Not only does Bogart’s Bar and Grille offer amazing mouth watering food, they are connected to the movie theater so you can either see a movie before hand, after eating, OR, take it into the special part of the theater that is connected to Bogart’s. That ticket will run you a little more than a normal ticket, but it is worth it.

Also, for all of my In the Biz people- Monday nights are for you! Enjoy 50% off beer, wine and liquor at the bars and dining rooms. Plus, Cinemark is offering In-the-Biz employees $6.65 movies tickets! *Must show proof of industry employment. 

–What is not to love about that?!

Okay so now on to the good part; the food! I was recently invited to attend a media dinner with some of my favorite people to get a sneak peak at the new menu items that Chef Aaron is rolling out. We had a great group for this dinner and we all enjoyed the delicious appetizers, entrees, and cocktails that we were able to try.

A Miso-Maple glazed edamame started the night off in the right direction. It was salty and sweet, a perfect match in my book.

After the edamame we were brought a trio of hummus, the beet was my favorite in color, but in taste, it was definitely the avocado. It tasted like guacamole, and I could not get enough of it.

Every restaurant seems to be doing brussels these days, and Bogart’s is no exception. This particular dish had candied pecans, apple-wood smoked bacon and a sweet vinaigrette. I loved the crunchy sweetness with the added saltiness of the bacon. Loved this dish! It left me wanting more.

The next dish is one of my go-to favorites when trying out a menu of  a new restaurant. Tomato and Mozzarella salad. High quality mozz, with heirloom tomatoes, and a balsamic reduction. Finished with salt to bring all of the flavors together.

My two favorite dishes of the night were the Sesame Seared Tuna and the Orange Miso Glazed Salmon with black forbidden rice. When I say that I loved the rice, it would be an understatement. I could have eaten an entire meal consisting of just the rice, which had been cooked with coconut milk to balance out the rest of the dish. Perfectly cooked salmon, and aggressively seasoned. I know what I will be ordering on my next visit!

Need a new place to grab a taco on Taco Tuesday? These babies will do the trick. Mojo marinated pork tacos with a fresh charred pineapple salsa, pickled red onion, and cotija cheese.

As if I wasn’t full enough from all of these delicious dishes one after the other, we ended the savory portion with the ultimate comfort foods– POT ROAST and truffle mashed potatoes served with a side of honey roasted carrots.


And Chicken Milano, crunchy mustard crust with sweet potato ravioli, and perfectly seasoned broccoli.



Now onto dessert, which normally I could take or leave but I enjoyed all three of them! Which for me is an amazing thing.



Mint Chocolate Chip Gelato “Ice Cream” Sandwich- MY FAVORITE! Mint chocolate chip anything is the way to my heart.

NY Style Cheesecake- perfect texture, and taste. Felt like I was sitting in NY!

Apple Bread Pudding- least of my favorites, just because of the texture, but the taste was delicious.



Bogart’s Bar & Grille is located on the second floor at Cinemark Palace 20, 3200 Airport Road in Boca Raton. Guest can dine there with or without seeing a movie. However, guests choosing to take in a show at the Premier Level may bring their food and beverages, including liquor, into the plush theaters. Popcorn and valet are also complimentary to Premier Level guests. Bogart’s offers an amazing concession stand featuring the full restaurant menu, a gourmet chocolate selection, and an array of wines by the half or full bottle. They also offer frozen yogurt as well as a large selection of desserts prepare daily by the pastry chef.


For more information please visit,









Break Bread with Burt & Max’s

When I think about going out to eat in Delray Beach my mind usually jumps to the Ave or somewhere in that vicinity. I always forget about Delray Marketplace a little father West, unless I am looking at movie times in the area. In doing so I forget about Burt and Max’s, but after tasting the array of delicious options they have to offer, I will not be making that mistake again! Rapoport’s Restaurant Group Inc. has done it again with another restaurant that is welcoming from the moment you walk in the door, to the second you leave full and satisfied. A perfect spot for a light dinner before or after a movie, or to unwind after a long day of shopping; with the vast cocktail list and versatile menu, choosing Burt & Max’s is an easy decision.

All images appearing in this post photographed by Megan a.k.a TheGypSeaFoodie


Burt and Max’s Executive Chef, Dan Moore, has created and perfected 10 new additions to the already mouthwatering menu for the Fall/Winter season. This is Chef Moore’s first full menu roll out since being promoted from Sous Chef to Executive Chef this past summer.  Moore believes that, “Food must LOOK good in order for it to TASTE good” and also says that he “cooks with his heart.” Those two sentiments are evident when you eat his food.

When you are at a table full of food bloggers half the time your food is cold before you can eat it, however this time we managed to take our pictures and eat hot delicious food at the same time.


Whether you are out for a date night, happy hour, or family dinner, Burt & Max’s has something for everyone. When I go out to eat with a group, or even just Jamie, I love to order a bunch of different things and share with the table, this menu is set up perfectly for just that.  However, I think that after trying the Onion Soup Dumplings, you will want to tell others to get their own. They are like little pillows of heaven! So much flavor in such a little bite!


Being from Jersey, I am a little picky when it comes to crab cakes, and these jumbo lump cakes did not disappoint. They were seasoned perfectly and the lemon mayo was a nice addition.


Whenever I see mussels on the menu, I usually order them, kind of a go-to fail safe for me if nothing else seems appetizing. Not that I had this problem here, but I am glad that we got to try both flavors of mussels, with bread for dipping of course. The White Wine are always a favorite of mine, but the Chili Garlic stole the show. The ginger and the cilantro paired very well with the garlic and chili. Unfortunately, I was not able to grab a picture before everyone dug in! They were that good.

White Wine Mussels
White Wine Mussels

We had some delicious main plates along with the appetizers, but my favorite was the pizza! The crust had just enough crisp to it, which for me makes or breaks a pizza. Out of the three we tried, surprisingly, the Pancetta-Fennel was my favorite. Why is this surprising? BECA– USE I DESPISE FENNEL! But this fennel was roasted which made it sweeter and it paired perfectly with the salty pancetta.


After all of the savory comes the sweet ending. Now I am not really a huge fan of sweets, if it was up to me, I would eat more dinner for dessert, but I made an exception this time. When they set down the plate of warm fresh baked cookies with vanilla bean malted milk, I had to indulge. Also, when the picture perfect Warm Triple Chocolate Turtle Brownie was presented, I couldn’t possibly skip trying that.











Both were as delicious as they looked, but my pick would be the salted peanut butter cookies (I even took some home, shhhhh!)

Do yourselves a favor and make a reservation today, open seven days a week and Saturday and Sunday for brunch. The bar also has extended hours seven days a week.


Burt & Max’s  Delray Marketplace- 9089 W. Atlantic Ave. Delray Beach, FL 33446 561.638.6380

For more information please visit



Led by veteran restaurateur Burt Rapoport, Rapoport’s has been pleasing the palates of South Florida diners for 30 years. Dedicated to providing high-quality cuisine for a good value, a warm and welcoming ambiance, and truly attentive service at all of his restaurants, Rapoport has redefined dining in Palm Beach County.

Rapoport’s collection of restaurants currently include, Bogart’s Bar & Grille on the second level of the Cinemark Palace 20 in Boca Raton, Delray’s Deck 84, located at 840 E. Atlantic Ave. on the Intracoastal, Henry’s at 16850 Jog Road in The Shoppes at Addison Place, Burt & Max’s and Apeiro Kitchen & Bar in the Delray Marketplace, a second Apeiro Kitchen & Bar in Midtown Miami, Rappy’s Deli opening in fall 2016 in Boca Raton, and co-owns Max’s Grille in Mizner Park at 404 Plaza Real in Boca Raton.


Sushi for You, Sushi for Me

What is the one food that you could eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Do you have one? Well, I sure do. For me, its sushi. There is nothing better to me than a nice fresh piece of fish, avocado, wasabi, and salty delicious soy sauce. Add in some cucumber for that crunch, and I am sold.

I want to introduce you to my new favorite sushi joint. Kyoto Rock. Open for just over a year, this little restaurant should not be overlooked.

You can find Kyoto Rock on Federal Highway in Boca Raton nestled between the Oriental Market and CosmoProf. You almost miss it because the name is written in smaller font than the other two stores. And how did I happen upon this small little restaurant? Like many days, I was craving sushi, and Jamie and I just happened to be at the Market doing a little shopping, and I spotted this Japanese restaurant right next door. After a little pleading with Jamie, showing him the reviews on Yelp, and the delicious Happy Hour options offered, we decided to try it out.

Oh boy, am I glad we did! The fish was fresh, the beer was cold, and the staff was friendly. Michael and Nelson were behind the counter, where we decided to sit. We ordered a few rolls off of the happy hour menu, two warm sake, and two cold beers.

The restaurant can only hold a handful of people, but it has an early and a late night happy hour! You can find them open as late as 1am if they are busy enough.

We have been known (more than once) to make Kyoto Rock our last stop of the night.

Our last visit was probably my favorite. We arrived around 11:45 and were the only guests there. I checked to see if they were already cleaning up, but Michael assured me that they would be happy to serve us. We sat at the counter once again and ordered a variety of rolls from the large Happy Hour selection. I was happy to see that two more guests walked in while we were there.

As we were waiting, Michael gave us some fresh Wahoo, topped with avocado and Yuzu. It. Was. DELICIOUS! Salty and sweet with the creamy texture of the avocado and the citrus from the Yuzu.



Our rolls arrived shortly after we finished our appetizer. They were, as expected, fresh and fantastic. The Green Dragon was decidedly a favorite roll among the two of us. Avocado, shrimp tempura, fish eggs, and scallion. Personally, I love when my sushi has a crunchy element to it.


If I hadn’t already considered this place a favorite, now it was at the top of my list. I actually hesitated writing this post, but I thought that I should share this little gem and get them some more exposure.

If you are looking for your next business lunch, date night, or just a quick bite, I urge you to check this place out.

Kyoto Rock – 2433 North Federal Highway, Boca Raton, FL 33431

They also have Online Ordering on their website.


the little chalet

The Little Chalet

For those of you who look at this blog to see where I am working now, I just wanted to write a quick post for you!


I am serving at The Little Chalet in Boca Raton on Federal. It is European Fine Dining with a Fondue Experience. We are open to the public on Thursday October 1st and I hope to see you all soon! Check out OpenTable for a reservation or call 561-325-8000.

the little chalet